Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Betrayed on FAA Medical Reform

It appears I won't be able to get back in the air, now. Senator Inhoff introduced an amendment to the FAA medical changes that requires passing the medical at least once. This change apparently satisfies some of the most vocal, and powerful, opponents who have blocked the change even though all the accident evidence clearly shows that the medical exam has no bearing on the safety of private pilots. (That is, very few accidents are caused by an in-air medical problem and those that are were not, or would not have been, caught by a medical exam. The exam is meaningless with regards to aviation safety, contrary to "common sense".)

Since, due to the FAA's archaic rules, I can't pass the exam, I'm stuck in Sport Pilot. Not being able to afford one of the expensive Light Sport planes, whose prices have gone through the roof due to the number of pilots with the same problem, I'm stuck on the ground. I spent over $10K to learn how to fly, now wasted.