Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Duration Of Love

"The duration of love in a being always depends upon the loved one. I create an emotion in you, as you create one in me. You do not create it in yourself. It is because something in my personality causes an answering glow in yours that you love me."
"Were you to cease to do so, it would be because I was no longer able to call forth that answer in you. It would not be your fault any more than when you cease to please me it will be mine. That is where people are unjust." ... "One would not blame a needle if it fell from a magnet, the attraction of the magnet being in some way removed, either by a stronger at the needle's side, or by some deadening of the drawing quality in the magnet itself, and so it is in love."
"...You love me because I give you the stimulus of uncertainty, and so keep bright your passion, but once you were sure, I should become a duty ... and then my Paul would yawn and grow to see I was no longer young, and that the expected is always an ennui when it comes!"
Three Weeks by Elinor Glyn